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New Apple MacBook Pro For Sale 16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 Space Gray, Sound. In one world, it's incredible. Imagine Apple getting a HomePod and flattening it to fit

Apple Macbook Pro For Sale (Space Gray)

About this item
Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor
Stunning 16-inch Retina Display with True Tone technology
Touch Bar and Touch ID
AMD Radeon Pro 5300M Graphics with GDDR6 memory
Ultrafast SSD
Intel UHD Graphics 630
Six-speaker system with force-cancelling woofers



If you're waiting for Apple to wake up and solve the problems caused by the Apple community, your expectation is now over. This is the MacBook Pro we've all dreamed of for years. This review is for the high-end model, stock.


- Keyboard. Magnificent. The key movement was extended to 1 mm, about half the original keyboard found in 2015 and previous model years. It feels as good as writing because Apple has improved tactile feedback. Sort back the spring switches. The keyboard is quiet and very comfortable to type. The keys are slightly smaller, but do not make typing more difficult. The direction arrows are now properly tuned and the physical Esc key is back, making it a breeze to flip open apps.

- Screen. The size difference is subtle but noticeable. Technically, it's even busier, but barely. You won't notice much difference from the recent MacBook Pros, but towards Apple, the screen is absolutely gorgeous. The 0.6 inch difference in size retains the same logical resolution, so everything should look a bit bigger, which I welcome.

- Processor. The base model has the same chipset as the 2019 15.4 " model. However, performance is about 10% better due to significantly improved airflow and larger coolers. The issue of heat-related throttling has been largely addressed. In the top model, the machine now comes with 8 cores and severe performance bumps. There's nothing you can throw at this MacBook, it's not going to deal with the breeze.

- Graphics. The traditional setup is still here. You have a built-in Intel chipset that works when demand for visual performance is low. You also have a separate AMD chip, a significant improvement over the previous generation. In fact, the base model offers performance above the top Spec Vega chipset compared to last year. The bounce is phenomenal. As before, the system will automatically select which graphics card to use, depending on demand.

-  This is actually an experience. The bass is prominent and crisp, and the treble is sharp. The sound is rich and the room filling. The last generation has six speakers instead of two.

-Microphone. Major improvements with three microphones instead of one in the previous generation. I use the MacBook to make calls using an iPhone, and the sound at the other end is clear and free of background noise. I'm told it sounds a lot better than before, but that's subjective, of course. On paper, you get better noise reduction and better sound quality.

- Touch Bar. Controversial in the past, I now think it could be the "happy medium" between the physical keys and the handy Touch Bar that adapts to the content on the screen. The Esc key is back and on the right you will find the Touch ID and power button.

- SSDs. You'll love the fact that the basic starting size of the SSD doubles in both the input model and the top model with 512GB and 1TB.

- Game. I should mention that. The graphics card offers an incredible leap in performance. Modern games that will get 14-16FPS at high settings now perform at 35-40fps with ease. The same settings. The same games. Big improvement. It is now possible to play AAA games with reasonable performance and high visual settings on the MacBook Pro.

- Efficiency. This machine is a monster. I use the full Affinity package and do some limited video editing. In addition, multiple productivity programs, more than a dozen Safari tabs, two email clients and CRM, task managers, notes, etc.there are dozens of other apps like this. Everything runs smoothly.

- Value. Yes, it's worth it. This expensive laptop brings the best value in the series of 15."4 (now 16") offer to date. If you look closely at the costs of truly compatible Windows offerings, you'll see that the MacBook Pro has a competitive price.


- Weight. The machine is a bit heavier, but I welcome the added bulkiness. Eventually Apple gained functionality due to its obsession with thinner and lighter hardware, giving us a machine with proper thermal management, proper keyboards and more. But if you're planning to take it elsewhere, then you'll feel the extra volume.

- BTO updates. With the exception of the 8GB option on the GPU, the cost of BTO options is still quite high. You're still paying a significant premium for every incremental upgrade based on the basic model.

To recap, This Is The Best MacBook Pro in recent years. It is a versatile, powerful machine that brings incredible performance and value. I would recommend it to any professional.

If you're upgrading from the 13" model and wondering how much more real estate you can expect, see the attached side-by-side comparison photo.

Update 3/15/20-definitely a monster of a machine. I love him. He was almost perfect and his performance continues to surprise me. I have the best model and it drinks almost everything I've ever used. In fact, the new Mac Pro will perform on par with the basic configuration. You don't believe me? Google This. This Is The Best MacBook Pro to date, and it's amazing value. It's worth the admission price if you need it.

I've had a 15.4 Touch Bar model since 2016, I wrote it down before I bought it, and I knew the keyboard wasn't as good as the 2012 15", but it wasn't as bad as some commentators did. 2016 was a major upgrade from 2012, and I would say 2019 is a major upgrade from 2016.

As of 2016, there's certainly not a single feature that's day and night, but every feature is better. Screen quality and size, performance, keyboard (mostly ESC key without touchbar for me), battery life, speakers, microphone and thermal, are a little quieter than in 2016. If you went out because you liked the 2012 keyboard travel and feel, 2019 would travel more and feel better.

I can't personally feel the weight difference in my bag, laptop, accessories (the Jabra speaker is the heaviest) my bag weighs about 9 lbs, so I can't feel it if it's 9.3 lbs, and I don't tend to move badly once. It's a big big, but it still fits in my tumi laptop bag with little 2 pockets, so .25 " it doesn't bother me either.

I can't wait to see if it's so durable, there are more than 300 full battery cycles in 2016, I expect the same from this unit, but only time will tell.

I hope my experience helps.

I really went back and forth on This Mac. I didn't want to spend the money and would have gone with a 13-inch option if it wasn't for the butterfly keyboard issue. I even thought about the Windows box, but he was very resistant to the idea since I used it in my business.

In the end, 16 inches with its Magic Keyboard was my only real choice. These things are very expensive, but I've noticed that it replaces a 10-year-old MacBook Pro that still works, so I guess what you're paying for. After shopping, I got a pretty good deal from an Apple authorized dealer via Amazon (I saved $300). I bought the 16Gb I-9 quad-core processor with standard video memory, a slightly higher card and a 1TB drive for $2499. I wanted more RAM, but I read that the solid state hard drive would make up the difference quite nicely; that seems to be true.

Well, how will I like it? I absolutely love this thing!!! It works very smoothly, very fast and very well. No hang or delay, no glitches or small” we'll fix it later " items. Use powerful, easy. The keyboard feels a little different, but it's not a bad tradeoff for computer finesse. It took me a while to get used to the runway pad, but when you do that it's actually quite handy.

I even love the touch Bar, which I plan to totally hate after reading the comments. It's easy to set up and does a lot when you need it. For example, in Finder, the trash can and the new folder are right there (in my installation). QuickTime has a scrubber bar that lets you seamlessly switch to the frame you want. Oh, some will hate it - I like it.

Performance: I'm aware I come from a 10-year-old MacBook, but I also use a fairly new Dell laptop in my business, which is a pretty good horsepower if you throw in the docking station. My only real performance needs are for home video editing and copying and creating movies (which I bought) for my home server. Video editing is fun again! It adds clips and photos very quickly, organizes them like a dream, and handles them like lightning. Video conversion is something else entirely...

Video conversion test case: Frozen 2 on Blue-Ray. Copying with Make MKV was approximately the same due to my external drive limitations, but creating using the handbrake was phenomenal (for me anyway). He visualized the film in high quality, H264, 1080p in about 45 minutes. I'm not a professional, so you'll have to rate it based on your own experience, but it was great for me!

Finally, less demanding software like microsoft Office 365, Apple Pages and friends and VLC load documents pretty well in the blink of an eye and never turn off the hiccups.

Oh yes, I bought two USB 3.1 adapters and an SD adapter for about $8 each, all three with a small plug and a short cable. This allows you to use all four ports on the ONC, plus they are all compact and blend quite nicely.

Summary: I love this computer and don't regret a penny spent on it.

It was purchased on Cyber Monday. This is a 16 inch Mac aweeeeesomeeeee!!!
0.) Expercom, a legal dealer with an excellent price; I saved more than $ 216.
1.) Shipping: only 2 days, satisfy an impatient man like me.
2.) Product: great overall, but the keyboard isn't "magical."

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